Airpush Detector APK v3.2 for Android Download

Airpush detector APK is a simple and small size application to install for the purpose of detection other installed applications, removes ads and helps to uninstall other applications at one place. This application also helps to detect where ads are generating. This app is used for before android versions of 4.1 Jelly Bean. In next versions android provide functionality to press and hold ads to check where from it is pop up at screen. This app not pause ads. It only identifies ads generated apps and gives option to uninstall those apps. People feel annoy when they look lot of ads in different apps. Airpush detector makes this to remove those apps easily. Airpush detector APK is useful for those users who install many apps on daily basis. Due to simple and easy to understand this app is very famous in market. There are some frameworks included in this app are leadbolt, IAC, Appenda, Airpush, Send Droid, App Bucks, Applovin, Kugau, Moolah media and appenda.

Features of Airpush Detector APK

There are some major features are written bellow.

Free to Use

This app is not officially paid. Users can easily download and install this app. Some developers are also uploading same application with small difference. On some devices this app crashes. Do the report to team and issue will be fixed. This is application is totally free. Even code of this app is available to rebuild.    

Check Internet Usability

Airpush detector helps to check application’s internet usability according to hours in day.

Check Application Usability

User can easily check the time period for specific application’s usage.

Check Applications Storage

User can easily get the information about space taken by applications. By maintaining efficient grip on applications user can also view the installation date of application.

Check Wi-Fi Connectivity

You can easily secure your wi-fi connection by checking who and how much users are connected with your wi-fi connection. Wi-Fi safety is very easy by using this application.

Increase the speed of Mobile

Airpush detector automatically checks services and applications on background. It kills all extra applications and increases the speed of phone and internet.

Ad detection in Applications

App helps to get the information about ad generated apps. It identifies ad generated apps to block the apps.   

File finding

This app helps to find non mandatory files for saving extra space.

Battery Saving

This app helps to save battery by providing notices, notify remaining battery and ask about temperature.

Check Permissions of Apps

Many applications ask about irrelevant application permissions. Airpush detector helps to check permissions of applications.

New Update Version of Airpush Detector

This application is updated to “3.3” version. This version covers some new frameworks of AD detection like App Bucks, Applovin, Kuguo and Send Droid. This application also covers the reason why this application is not required for above version of 4.1.


Airpush detector is simple and small applications to cover some basic requirements of user. It help users to detect and uninstall all those reasons which cause to appear ads. Bundle of ads make annoy for users to use app. This application helps to detect some basic framework of ads like Moolah Media, IAC, Appenda and Lead Bolt. By covering this basic framework almost all types of ads are detected. If you are annoy and wants to get rid then uninstall all those apps which contains lot of ads. This app contains many features like detect temperature, extra files, by saving battery life, making smart phone speed effective and efficient. This app is totally free and source code is available to rebuild new apps. Some developers upload same applications with keeping same features and function.


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