Choices Mod APK

Choices Mod APK

As you live your own personal life, the game will simulate your personal life. In the choices mod apk you need to choose a character and play, learn by experience and live his life. Every character has its own stories. You need to meet new people, making some friends according to your preference and also you can also find your life partner which you like in the game. You have the choice to go to anywhere path in the game, It totally depend on you. The game is now very popular for the people who like to live their own life.

You Control the Drama

In the choices mod apk the gameplay is really straightforward, you just need to engage in a character life according to a story motif. In the story mode you have three choices and you have to choose one of them. One choice is so realistic that brighten your future. Otherwise you go to deadlock and start again from the choices.

Choices Stories You Play MOD APK 2.7.0

The game was actually published by Studio Pixelberry and it is free on google play store platform. You have three choices in the game, One choice will change everything. It contain different hing like you fall in love, you will play a role of a detective or you can play as an adventure. choices mod apk contain 3 stories, in the first story you act as a freshman. You will go to the university Hartfeld where you can find and make friends, finding your life partner and everything you want. In the second story you act as a detective Sheriff in texas. In the last and third story empire took you and you will make an army and get your thrones.

Some stories stand out

The Freshman: In this story you will studying in the university of hartfeld. You have to make new friends in choices mod apk, You need to find your life partner which you like. You can set up your costume of your choice.

The Crown and the flame: It is the second story of choices mod apk , You need to free your kingdom from the enemy. You need to build a story army and make a strategy to free your kingdom.

Matfect Match: In this story you need to make your own face good and meet your life partner match in the thrilling story of choices mod apk.

Top Tips for Playing Choices: Stories You Play

Every Decision Counts: As you see the name of the game choices mod apk, choices depend a most so you need to calculate all the consequences before taking any decision in the game, sometime you can’t change your decision in the game and you need to restart the whole game.

Read Chapters Randomly: The game will never make you feel bored. You like the choices mod apk but you can’t like every chapter of the game. This will give you the option to change the chapter when you feel bored in some chapter or you feel it difficult to clear the chapter. Please read the chapter carefully before entering into any chapter, each chapter contain its description.

Use Keys Wisely: You will need diamond in the choices mod apk and if you are playing it free then its the most important thing. In the end of every chapter you will get diamonds. It is important because you can access to premium content. As mentioned above you can’t repeat every chapter but you have the ease to restart the whole story. But you don’t get diamond with the restart of the game.

Choices Hack APK Features

We will now discuss some of the basic features of choices mod apk. The features are given below.

Customizing Character: Now you can customize your charter with this modded version of the Choices mod apk. When you start a game the first thing you do is to customize your character with skin color, hairstyle, face, hair and many many options.

Various Adventure: The game is full of adventures. Choices mod apk contain a lot of story and you have to choose a story. Choose a story wisely so that you can improve your character life. Every character has ts different story.

Unlimited Story collection: The game Choices mod apk contain a lot of mysterious drama and other time of assortment.

Ad-free: Choices mod apk is ad-free. So you don’t need to wait for ads to get interrupted your game and also you don’ need to wait for ads to get diamond. The story are full of ads. If you don’t have the modded version then its difficult for you to play the game.

Unlimited keys and diamond: You will get unlimited keys and diamonds in the modded version of Choices mod apk

Choices Mod APK

Can lucky patcher hack choices stories you play?

Yes! The game is developed by the Pixelberry studio for both of the IOS and android. You can find the modded version of the game in below mentioned link.

How do you hack diamonds in choices game?

  • You need to enter your username or email in choices mod apk.
  • You need to put number of diamonds you need.
  • You need to choose the number of keys.
  • After that turn on the Anti-Ban and Proxy connection.
  • Click the generate button to get diamonds.

How do you get free keys on / from choices?

You need to put your email address where you register or you can also enter your username and then enter your number of diamonds you need and click the generate button.

Download Choices MOD APK

Please click on the below mentioned button to download this application.

How install APK choices mod?

Please follow the below mentioned steps to install this app:

Step 1: You need to download the app from NitroApks; You can find the link from above mentioned link.

Step 2: Firstly you need to go to the developer mode setting and turn on the option so that you can install the application. Every android version has its different setting so you have to check the settings from google. In some of the android version you can view the developer mode option by going to the settings> apps> select developer mode and turn it on.

Step 3: Install the choices mod apk which you downloaded.

Step 4: Enjoy the game.


This is most entertaining game on android and it has been downloaded many times on the google play store. You can download the mod version from our website. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you like it and share it with your friends. If you have any problem just go to the contact us page of our website and report us.


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