Download Word Breaker for Android

Download Word Breaker for Android and start enjoying the amazing game.

Word breaker is an awesome word building game and aside of game, it’s a cool vocabulary learning app. Use the board solver and discover the various puzzled words in each play and also keep in mind which spell tiles have been played and which have to play. You can even use this Word breaker app to find solution of daily life problems and puzzles. It’s been used as a learning app even in the class rooms for kids.

New Word Breaker Fun Features

download word breaker for android

Check out the some of exciting fun features of Word breaker for Android.

  • Classic Solver Mode that can even break: cross words, word jumbles, hangman and etc.
  • Ground Breaking Ghost Mode that allows to peek at game underneath.
  • Dictionary for offline use, so you don’t need to be connected to internet. It’s totally free to download.
  • Remaining Tiles Board to track the progress and let you predict what can come next.
  • Optimized speed for fast and smooth play.
  • 3 new themes have been introduced matching to the every person’s need.
  • Screenshot import reads directly to your game into Board Solver.
  • Wild Cards supported for empty tiles.
  • Available in Multi Language.
  • Filters and Highly Customizable.

Download Word Breaker APK

Click here to download word breaker APK.


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