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Peggo APK Mod is a really amazing application for downloading video and audio songs from the social platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud.

Today’s world of internet and social media, people are looking for new entertainment each second. Every second something new is posted over the internet. Users love to download new songs and videos from the internet. Peggo APK gives the option to download audio and video songs from the entertainment giant platforms YouTube and SoundCloud. Who doesn’t know YouTube these days as it’s the biggest video sharing website in the world that has every kind of videos.

Peggo APK for Android

As Youtube, SoundCloud is a big platform for sharing audio music of every kind. Downloading was very difficult for users from these platforms, so finally here comes the solution to this problem. Peggo APK made this possible. Now downloading songs from SoundCloud and Youtube have been very easy and simple with Peggo app. If you want to download any of videos or songs from these website. Peggo APK is the best fit for you. Peggo even let you record videos from Youtube directly in any format you like. Peggo APK Download for Android powered devices to get advantage of it’s exciting features. Download videos and songs and enjoy all the entertainment even when their’s no internet access.

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Peggo APK has three versions for different features, one is basic, advanced and the most exciting one is pro version to get most out of it. All the versions have some different features but the one of the main downloading feature is same for all . You can get Peggo Download free of cost from the download section below.

Peggo APK Features

Some of the best and exciting features of Peggo APK are here. Before you download, check out all the amazing features.

Recording Audio Quality

One of the best feature of Peggo APK is it’s best audio sound quality. It records original quality sound tracks ranging from 64Kbps to 256Kbps. Download high quality sound tracks with this awesome app. Select a bitrate of your choice for good quality.

Real-Time Quality Recording

Peggo App allows users to download videos instantly without any wait. It’s very simple. Just need to search a video and download it with just a click. This cool app even records videos in high quality. It lets you record videos in high resolution of 1080 pixels. Recording videos in seconds, made this app very popular and useful. Peggo download can let you download and record videos so easily that you can not find in any other app.

Built-in Search Engine

It has a very powerful built-in search engine, one of the main features of Peggo APK Pro version. It made easier to search for any particular sound track and video within the app without going to the other app and coping the link and come back to download. Simple search in the app and download the one you want to.

Ads Free

Peggo APK is a lightweight application and completely ad free app to enjoy the videos on the go without any annoying ads. No popup and any other ads that most of the apps come with.

Soundtrack Support & High Quality Recordings

One of the best thing about this app, is you can record and download any part of the videos in any required format of your choice.

Peggo app has the option to save music and videos in different quality depending on your preference. Even can convert videos to mp3 and get a high quality mp3 sound track.

Silence & Noise Removal

Many videos on youtube has a part of silence in the video either in the start or at the end. Peggo APK removes silence and spare part from the video and give a meaningful content to listen. It also reduces the noise for the ultimate best listening experience.


You can also bookmark your favorite tracks and videos in this app. So, you can listen and download anytime later.

Peggo APK Mod

Peggo APK Mod gives wings to the app with premium features free of cost. Here’s the three most prominent features you will enjoy with this Peggo APK Mod. 

  1. Make Playlists without any limitations.
  2. No limit on downloads.
  3. Ads free.

You can download Peggo APK Mod free of charge from the download section below.

Peggo APK Pro Requirements

Peggo APK is very lightweight and compatible with all the Android version over 4.1. So, just download and start using this awesome app on your smartphone on the go to have ultimate fun and entertainment.

Download Peggo APK Mod – Peggo Download

Finally, the wait is over and here’s the best download link you’re waiting for. Download the any of your choice apk and start enjoying in a new way without any limits. You won’t get Peggo APK Mod on Play Store, so here’s it’s available to you for totally free of cost.

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