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PUBG is a multiplayer online game known as play unknown’s battlegrounds. It was developed and published by a South Korean company blue hole studios. The whole concept of this game is similar with battle royal’s game or the hunger game which is inspired by Japanese film battle royals which was released in year 2000. In this film a group of students is transferred to an island to forced to fight to death by their government.

PUBG for Mobile, PC and Xbox

This game was released for Microsoft windows as early access game in March 2017. This game was fully release in 20 December 2017. This game also released on many other platforms such as xbox, ps4 and for mobile devices. In this game number of people goes onto an island to find weapons find place to avoid danger and standing wins. In this game the last person will standing wins as you see in the game.

It has two modes classic and custom. Classic game mode is free for all to kill every one and last standing person will consider as wins. in squad mode your team can be with 2,3,or 4 peoples and if you prefers solo and take on every one alone in the match. And the second mode is training or free mode consists at 2×2 km to explore all aspects of the game. You can drive car at racing track find weapons especially new users can get experience from training mode. So they can easily understand the looting, shooting and parachuting.

Every persons start this game with no weapons then they go to buildings to find weapons, ammo, first aid kits and so on. If you are lucky you will find a short range weapon like short-gun.  You can go for hunting to other peoples and risking your life more directly second option is to hide and watch for a player comes near you and you can kill it easily to survive for last ones for winning the game. Typically hiding option is best so you can easily easily hit other peoples remember that the other people in this game can also use this option to save their lives to stay longer so be careful.

In this game there are four maps Erangel, Miramir, Sanhok and Vikendi. You can choose your desired map or if you pick randomly one of them so you will connect randomly map. Different maps have different locations, arms and vehicles. This map also shows you the red zone there is a chance that you can easily hit other persons or you can easily hit by other persons. Best way to win the game is that hide yourself from other player or get chance to hit other players or keep moving and search for your hit target and also search first aid kits for surviving or arms and vehicles.

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PUBG Mobile Hack Android

PUBG Mobile Hack Android – Hacking is a technique which is used by many players in different games. Hacking helps players to win match easily. Hacking tricks make easy to play and get desired results. In PUBG where thousands of players are online playing game, every player have wish to take lead on others. But there is an alarming point for players that Tencent Developers warn players by doing ban of those players which are using hacking trick or Mods. We suggest our beloved readers before download and use PUBG Mod APK or use PUBG mobile hack Android APK they should use their backup account. Don’t use original one. In this case Tencent Developers can ban their account and they can face loss many achievements with the loss of account.

PUBG is one of the most famous and ambitious online battle fighting game where players struggle for their survival by hiding or fighting with other enemies. It is not easy to play; therefore most of the players want to get cheats and PUBG hacking tricks. In start every player land on some type of Ireland with empty hand where he or she should search weapon for survival. For survival player have to kill enemies.


To get benefit from lot of features and amazing tricks you should need to use mobile hacks. Mobile hacks help players to use number of cheat codes where players can get maximum health that helps to avoid from attack of enemy. Due to help of these hacks player got superior on all other players and a winning adventure starts. Instead of playing original game, it is easy to play PUBG Mod APK because in original game during search of weapon player get headshot, while in Mod APK there are lot of weapons and ammunition. Many players try these hacks to get good points in game, As like others you can also get points. These types of hacking tricks are available for android and iPhone devices too. By help of these hacks player can gain confidence and excellent skills to play this multi fighter game.

What are Major Feature and Functions of PUBG Mobile Hack Android?

There are lot of amazing tricks and features in this hack module. Some major points are described below.

Automatic Aiming: Automatic aiming is an amazing and most used feature in this hack module.

Wall hack:  Wall hack is another magic trick to hit enemy to the other side of wall. In original game it is not possible.

Unlimited UC: Unlimited UC helps us to fire openly on enemies and survive for long. End of UC is a reason to die player in original game, while in PUBG Mobile hack for android provides unlimited UC to play.

Rapid Fire Abilities: A major reason to character death in PUBG is slow fire speed of guns. In this hack module guns fire rapidly that cause to get superior on other players. By rapid fire ability we can kill number of enemies in a while. Although some running enemies also killed by fast fire.  

Unlock all skins: All skins are unlocked in hack mobile. In original skins unlocked step by step.

Clear Game: In original game there are lots of weather hurdles in game. Many players face hurdles due to fog, rain and some other natural effects. In PUBG mobile hack sky is clear and shiny. By this hack all fog ends and enemy visibility is clear. By this cheat players can get lot of benefit.

No need to root: There are many games Mod APK needs to root with any device or software. In this mobile hack there is no need to root with any device or any software. This is a feel free tool in this hack.

Place in No Recoil: There is no recoil of place in this mobile hack. This is an amazing feature for players.

pubg mod apk for unlimited uc, skins and more

PUBG Mod APK & PUBG Mobile Hack Android Amazing Features

As we already discussed that Mod APK is fully featured with magical and amazing features. These magical features are explained clearly. If players are still have any confusion about PUBG Mod APK then they need to read bellow mention amazing features that will help game players to build interest in game by getting lead and increase the winning capability.

Get Unlimited UC

In original game players need to collect cash for buying different types of weapons and some other offers. PUBG mobile Mod APK have functionality to get unlimited UC to the players. Players can get unlimited unknown cash in free without paying a single penny. Unlimited unknown cash help players to unlock skins, guns and royal passes. There are number of websites and cheats on internet that claims to give unlimited UC. But unfortunately most of these websites and blogs are wrong. Sometime websites offer to purchase unlimited cash in low cost but after paying cash they observed that claim was false and wrong. PUBG UC are available in different packages. Players can buy UC from game store. If players buy significance UC then they also can get bonus.

No Recoil in PUBG

Addicted players of PUBG are very well known about recoil. Recoil is about movement of gun during a player continuous shoot bullets. It can be in vertical or horizontal in direction. If player know about usage of recoil than it is very easy to kill enemies in short and long range. Every weapon in the game has some recoil. If some heavy gun is in hand than its very difficult to handle recoil. By help of PUBG no recoil cheat players can easily control on recoil and kill enemies easily.

Use of Magic Bullet

Most of the players have no aim to kill. In some situations when enemy is hiding on the grass site than it are rare chances to hit from a distance. By use of magical bullets, aim is no issue. By using PUBG Mod APK magical bullets give facility that it changes direction according to enemy. Bullet will hit enemy by curving the direction. This is an amazing enemies never compete you.

High Jump

High jump is an amazing trick to find enemies. Normally in genuine PUBG jump is only 5 to 6 meters, while using this cheat player can jump 50 to 60 meters. Sometime enemies are hiding on first or second floor of building. By using high jump you can give surprise to kill enemy by jump. But there are some chances to loose health after falling from jump on ground. Jump can be hurt you.

How Much Types are for PUBG Mobile Hack Android?

There are lots of hacks in this game. Some of major hacking features are described here for your knowledge.

PUBG Aim-bot: Aim-bot is an amazing and non-beatable feature in mobile hack. By this tool hacker player automatically take aim of enemy. In original game it is very difficult to find enemy and take aim simultaneously, so unknown developers provide solution of this difficult point. In the range of player if any enemy comes than automatically aim is fixed on enemy. Only player needs to push fire button to kill enemy. This feature is most magical and rare for players as recently game version is updated. This hack tool is available on android and IOS both players.

Wall Hack in PUBG Mobile Hack Android: Wall hack is another best feature of PUBG Mod APK mobile hacks. In original game it is not possible to watch enemy from the other side of enemy. This is very rare tool to get success in game. Wall hack in PUBG helps to see enemy on the other side of wall. Story is not end here, not only visibility of enemy, you can shoot him within the wall. Guess how much amazing is this? A person cannot see you but you are watching him and easily shoot him. By help of this cheat it is very easy to win a game. What to do is only sit behind the wall and wait for opponent to come in your range. As target comes in range by help of aim bot and wall hack player’s gun automatically set the aim on enemy. You have to click on fire and enemy will die. But the issue here is that it is not easily available tool in all hacks. Like auto aim it is also rare hack tool. Due to high security and testing measures now it is very difficult to get and use this feature. This tool is available on android and IOS both apps.

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Hack Android?

If players want to play using all of above hacks features than they need to download and install PUBG Mod APK. By using Mod APK they will be secure and free in game. They can increase their body power and get weapons of different type. Hacker players can survive easily and get rid of from enemy attack. Now we are going to tell you what you need to do for use of PUBG Mod APK.

  • First you need to go below and you will get download button.
  • Click on download button and wait for downloading program
  • Mod APK will be downloaded on your device, Click on file and press install option appeared on screen.
  • Then wait for installation of app. Automatically app will start installation in android or IOS device.
  • Read the instructions and follow appeared in games to guide you.
  • Now game is installed properly and you can play game with lot of magical features.

PUBG Mobile APK for Android

PUBG Mobile APK Royale battle means play against all basically this game developed the concepts of royal battle movie so in which the player play in group of teams which consists on 2,3,or 4 number of groups. Last standing person in this game will consider winner. The map of this game consists on 8X8 km of area that consist at rural and urban.

Player climbs on the map through parachute without weapon then player search for weapons to survive and also search for bullets and first aid kit. This color of circle in map shows you that your are in the danger zone or not this circle is also decreased when the number of player decreases and game came into climax zone so you can play good shot and can win the game or you can hit by someone else in the game.

Each game consist on 30 minutes probably in this time you can hit someone or hit by someone after this time new game will start. Of course last standing person is winner.


No Root Requirement: There are major two mods are discussed in above article. Both mods have amazing features. But on new version of game old mods are not possible to play game. Players should use those mods on old versions. Player who needs to use these mods should download some older version of game to enjoy these hacking features. Mod APK change the settings of game and allow some permissions to make change in original one. Old versions of original game allow Mod APKs to do changes in game.

PUBG mobile game is of the most popular online multiplayer game which has 100 million downloads from Google play store. It needs some requirements for playing at a device so we need to fulfill some requirements to play online multiplayer game for better experience.

For PC:

For playing PUBG game you need a gaming pc with windows, 7,8,10 or similar version of windows with 8 GB ram, 10gb of storage with a good internet connection.

For Android users:

Android version 5.1 or above and 2gb of ram and 2gb of storage space with good speed internet connection can run this game.

For IOS users:

I phone 5s, Ipad2. IOS version 9 or above with good internet connection can run the game. It will run at smoothly at Iphone 7 or above version but older version might be very slow.

NOTE: if you are looking for better experience for playing this game you need at least 4 GB of ram and 64 GB of storage space at mobile devices. So we can play game online game very quickly and smoothly.

How to play PUBG PC?

Perhaps PUBG PC (play unknown’s battlegrounds)is the most playing game in the history of online gaming which has many activities like sliding from the parachute as well as collecting weapons or first aid kits and kill enemies for long time surviving using their mobile phone screens through their mobile phone devices.

So many user play games using third party software like blue stack or many other software for installing android application at PC thought keyboard and mouse. So for this purpose tencent launched PUBG emulator for PUBG PC to play this game at your PC. This emulator automatically detects mouse and keyboard for better user experience that mouse and keyboard and attached or not.

Screen Mirror App

Screen Mirror App is a screen mirror for displaying your mobile screen at your PC screen. You display your mobile screen at your PC to play PUBG. These screen apps can be download from Google play store on just Google it and number of apps you can see.

PUBG with Blue Stack

We can install bluestack software to install android or IOS mobile application at your PC. Windows and Mac users can download their compatible bluestack software.

MEmu App Player

There is another emulator for playing PUBG at PC. For this purpose we need to fulfill some requirements we need windows 7 or above version. So first of all we need to install MeMu App Player in our PC. Display driver must have OpenGL 3.0 and above. Then install PUBG apk on your PC and play.

NOX App Player

NOX App Player is also an emulator for installing android apps on your PC. You can download PUBG on your PC and you can play it.

How to play PUBG at IOS?

First of all you need a Iphone 5s or above with IOS version of 9.0 or above with 2gb of storage space. Now you can download PUBG from App store.

How to play PUBG at android?

For playing PUBG at android devices you need a android version 5.1 or above and 2gb of ram with 2gb of storage space. For better experience of game we need 4gb of ram and maximum space of storage. We can download the game from Google play store and can play on our android devices.

How to prepare you phone for PUBG?

Choose your login:

We can play as guest in PUBG or we can login as Facebook, twitter and Google account. We can also sync our data in game so we can play in anyone device without losing our progress.

Prepare your network:

PUBG is one of the most playing online multiplayer game so it demands good mobile for better experience of mobile must have reasonable free storage space in it.Your battery must be full so you don’t need to charge during playing the game. Also adjust your screen brightness and also close auto screen brightness so you can joy better display experience during game.

Prepare your network connection:

Before playing the game test your internet connection speed with speed checker app or application. Application can be download from Google play store or you can check through any aped checker you can joy lag-free game with good internet connection speed.

Choose region server:

You can choose your region server in the game. Different servers have different map sizes so you can choose with your own desire.

How to get clothes on your character?

You can start with underwear in the game you can also buy clothes with real money from the shops in the game. When you play the game and earn coins or open the crates you can pick the clothes. In different stages of game you will get the clothes some of them are temporary and some are permanent.

Turn of chat and adjust mic volume in the PUBG

We can turn chat on and off during playing the game so we can play the game without disturbance. And we can also adjust the mic volume in the game. When you start the game you can adjust your own mic volume like turn it on or off as well as you can adjust other player’s volume in the game so we can play the game without disturbance.

Change the PUBG controls

For better experience of game and for your easiness you can adjust your game controls so you can play game quickly and easily. Just go to setting and click controls so in controls you can adjust your controls for shooting, driving etc. in this game you can change the size and position of the controls.

Adjust graphics quality in the game

In this game player can adjust its graphics quality with their mobile phone capabilities. Better graphics can easily find  the enemies and give us better experience and joy of playing we can adjust graphics quality in game setting.

PUBG game experience and its controls

This game provides the same controls for personal computer and for Xbox so you can change your controls to your desired buttons. You can change the controls of walking, shooting and driving vehicles in the game. This game runs very quickly and smoothly at all devices like mobile phones, Xbox and personal computer. For better experience of game you need a better device with good internet connection speed. If your display screen size is large and device is good so you can get better experience for playing this game.

PUBG mobile cost?

This game can be downloading from Google and play but for playing this game you need a mobile. Mobile should have good ram and maximum storage space .so mobile phone does not have very expensive.

PUBG mobile servers?

We experienced that game freezes at some time and we think that it is from server side. Game can be paused for couple of seconds due to lack of server performance or lack of internet speed .typically this game runs very quickly at good internet speed.

PUBG Mobile Hack Android – PUBG Mod APK Download


Many people like to play games as an entertainment. Different type of people like different type of games. These days some games are very famous due to their special characteristics. The most famous and played game in the world is PUBG.

This game is about to fight in online battlefield between different players in the world. Every single player wants to get lead in this battle. Millions of player test their skills and want to get a chance of popularity in between teams of PUBG.

It is not an easy team but player do wish to play like a pro. Keep in mind this desire of players some unknown developers develop PUBG Mod APK that helps to hack PUBG mobile android. Addicted players use some shortcuts to get lead in battlefield.

PUBG Mod APK help players to survive in battlefield and kill enemies. There are some magical tricks in these Mod APKs. Player wants their favorite gun to kill enemies. Mod APK provides them some interesting and dangerous sets of guns.

Heavy weapons make players superior in their team. They do not want to find guns and other weapons. Another benefit of Mod APK is that it provides unlimited health to players. By using this cheat player never dies even after getting any shot. Player increase their powers continue that help them to keep character in game.

PUBG Mobile APK has many hurdles and weather conditions, that makes game very tough. Sometime due to rain players are not able to find enemies and sometime due to fog, their visibility looks like end.  Due to all these circumstances some players are not able to survive long in game.

PUBG Mod APK solve this issue and provide clear interface for game players. In Mod APK there is no cloud, rain or fog that interrupts to play. By using Hack cheat player can easily watch his enemies and can kill easily. Due to some hurdles most of the time enemy hide or escaped. PUBG Mod APK provides the solution of it and introduces a feature to kill enemy behind the wall directly. This is an amazing feature. If enemy hide behind the wall you have an opportunity to kill him, surprisingly your opponent cannot guess that you place a headshot behind from wall.

Another amazing feature of PUBG Mod APK is auto aim. By this feature enemy is automatically aimed by coming in range. It helps to detect enemy under our range. After getting aim player should do fire only. These tricks are not common in all Mod APK. These are very rare to get and use. Mod APKs are not workable on latest versions. Each Mod have some compatibility setting according to the version of game.

In new version of game PUBG developers put high security and alerts to detect hacker players. Care is mandatory to use Mod APK. But it is very interesting and amazing to lead in dangerous battle field. Download PUBG Mod APK from our blog and enjoy your game. There are lot more Mod APKs to get lead in games. Please visit other articles to download some best Mod APKs.



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