Tap Titans 2 Mod APK

tap titans 2 mod apk

If you want to rule in a world of Titans then you have to download Tap titans 2 mod apk. It is the Top rated idle game in the mobile gaming of android. It is also awarded in 2016 by Best Mobile apps awards. This is the second part of Tap Titans.

It is the game of world where titans roam freely, you have to pick the heroes from the world and train them to become a warriors of sword. After that you have to take the battle from the titans in almost 70k unique levels. You must have downloaded this game.

Also in the fight you can give your heroes with different equipment which help them to defeat the titans. Take the sword in your hand and enjoy the best android game by fighting the titans and defeat them.


The story behind the tap titans 2 mod apk is the beautiful world with peace and no fights, Everyone is happy in this world but one day, the darkness spread all over the world which make the people chaos. Everyone want to know where it come from but we all know one thing that this is not the good sign.

The Story didn’t end here, from the darkness the giant exotic creatures come to this world which extraordinary power, not the good power its just like the monster came to the world to destroy it.The world of peace now become the hell. They destroy all the stands in their way. Whatever come in from of these creatures which we called as Titans they spawn every part of the world. People are afraid, it also causing terrors in their heart. No one can fight with these monsters. And no one now their power.

But one thing which can beat these titans known as a Sword master. There are some of the people who still fights and repelled with the enemies and successfully defeated many of them. Whoever with this sword power can defeat the titans. So more and more heroes are getting this sworn to fight with these bloody titans. This is the whole brief story of tap titans 2 mod apk, you can find more by playing this game.


Tap titans 2 mod apk is a role playing game which was released by Game Hive Corporation. It is the second part of the game, after the success for titans first part they decided to release its second part with more features and modes which are not in the previous part. As more of the game depends on complexity like solving the puzzle to pass the level, this game is different from that standards. This is totally a unique idea. This is like a movie which has only a one operation during the game. The game is more interesting than its introduction. Also the game has been downloaded many times in the play store.


  • It is the RPG game you can enjoy it.
  • You can defeat 120 new titans in 10 different realm
  • You can recruit game heroes and some pets to help you in the tap titans 2 mod apk game
  • You will unlock unique skills to power up your heroes.
  • Prestige and cash in your game
  • you need to collect equip in the game to customize your heroes with different equip to defeat enemies
  • You can create your clan or join some clan to join forces with other players who are playing this game all over the world.
  • You can also compete with other player all over the world and show your strength to others.

Play the game whenever you want:

Have you ever thought of playing high definition RPG game on android? You will find amazing epic experience with RPG gameplay in tap titans 2 mod apk game.You have to face against powerful Titans who would crush you if you don’t have enough equipment or you don’t have enough power. If you want to win the battle against titans you have to make use of your skills and abilities.

One this which is important for you. It is played also without WiFi. You can play the game wherever you are.


You will definitely addictive of the game unless you have to just touch the screen but the developers have done a great job with upgrade and improvement of index. As in the real life you can feel your progress by exercising. Same in the game you can increase your strength, equip you with different equipment and then feel your progress. The factor which make you addictive to this game is the interesting stories and mystery enemies.

The Blade master:

In the tap titans 2 mod apk game You are a strong swordsman with a mission to guard the world from monsters which we called Titans. Use your sword with your skills and abilities to defeat the creature.


A trick which might you are aware of. If you want to damage more your enemies you need to use your fingers Precisely. You are able to use 5 to 10 fingers to take advantage of defeating.

Download the game:

Please find the link below to download Tap titans 2 mod apk game

How to install:

Please follow the below mentioned steps to install the game:

Step 1: You need to download the game from NitroApks from the above mentioned link.

Step 2: You need to go to the developer mode setting and turn on the option so that you can install the game. Every android has its different setting so you have to check the settings from google of your version.

Step 3: After turning on developer mode you need to install the game. Install the game which you downloaded.

Step 4: Enjoy the game.


This is most amazing RPG role-playing game on android and it has been download many times on google play store. hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you like it and share it with your friends.


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